“Dancing on Uneven Ground” by Barbara Raphael

Eskova Enterprises is pleased to announce and celebrate the release of Barbara Raphael’s new book of poetry, Dancing on Uneven Ground.  


Barbara Raphael’s deeply personal poetry faces grief and aging, nature and love head on. Dancing on Uneven Ground reveals her depth of feeling through poems that give voice to a life rich with nuance.  Her landscape encompasses the experiences of loss as she moves through the shifting shades of grey in this not so black and white world.

Dancing on Uneven Ground celebrates, weeps for and touches ever so lightly the life cycles in our day to day moments of hope, loss, despair and love. In these poems, Barbara Raphael allows us to glimpse a vulnerable well of insight and feeling living in the heart of a strong and independent woman who is compelled to love, and therefore to see. May we all be blessed with such a friend.”    – Ann Mortifee

Author, Barbara Raphael

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Barbara Raphael has been writing in one form or another for as long as she can remember. This is her first collection of poems.
She was born in Vancouver, and despite having traveled the world lives there still, dividing her time between the city and the Sunshine Coast.
For many years Barbara was a counsellor and an educator. Now, as a Life-Cycle Celebrant she combines her collective talents to create unique ceremonies for life’s many passages.
She is fortunate in her community of friends, and values them beyond all else.
She loves dogs but doesn’t have one.

Available Now
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  • Paperback: 84 pages
  • Publisher: Eskova Enterprises (May 17, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0981006523
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981006529
  • Size: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
  • List Price: $12 US/$15 CDN (approx.)

Ann Mortifee’s Newest Musical – THE MYSTERIES

Eskova Enterprises is pleased to present a website developed for the newest musical by Ann Mortifee, THE MYSTERIES.

The site includes detailed descriptions of the project to date, including development history as well as photos and bios of the creators, Ann Mortifee, David Feinstein and Edward Henderson.

David Feinstein, Ann Mortifee, and Ed Henderson

For those with a professional interest in the musical, a sign-in section section includes the following downloadable materials:

  • Book (Script & Lyrics)
  • Recordings of 20 Songs
  • Selected Musical Scores

The stunning Image design is by Diane Feught. The website features beautiful strong photos of the show’s creators by Kris Krüg. Site was designed by Carol Sill and Barbara Constantine for Eskova Enterprises.

Learn More at www.mysteriesmusical.com

ANN MORTIFEE – Magic of Seven concert!

A Magical Evening with Ann Mortifee

Tix:  www.magic-of-seven.eventbrite.ca

The Magic of Seven: Seven Decades of Spirit in Story and Song

Legendary singer Ann Mortifee takes us on a magical adventure weaving stories and songs from seven decades of her life which began in South Africa and has led her around the globe.

“A few weeks ago I was privileged to see Ann perform in Summerland. Not since Leonard Cohen’s last concert in Vancouver have I been so moved and inspired.”    Donna Wong-Juliani

7:30 pm

Two Nights only!  Nov. 30th, and Dec. 1st, 2017

Christ Church Cathedral – 690 Burrard Street – Vancouver, BC

An internationally renowned performer of spellbinding power, Ann enthralls and inspires with her rich, four-octave voice, dramatic presence and soul-stirring music. Fearlessly creative and evocative, her career as performer, composer, author and community activist has spanned seven decades and continents.

THE MAGIC OF SEVEN  is an historical celebration produced by longtime friend, lyricist and former manager Valerie Hennell, bringing Ann’s abundant talents home to Vancouver where her earliest creative instincts were nurtured.

In this rare concert appearance, she will be accompanied by a trio of brilliant musicians: Ed Henderson (guitar), Finn Manniche (cello and guitar) and Bill Sample (keyboards).

Producer: Valerie Hennell

  • Musical director Ed Henderson is an award winning composer, arranger, orchestrator and guitarist whose talents embrace genres ranging from theatrical and choral to the rock band Chilliwack. www.edhendersonmusic.com
  • Bill Sample is an award winning composer, producer, arranger and pianist whose performing and recording career spans four decades. www.billsamplemusic.com
  • Finnian Manniche is an eclectic and passionate cellist and guitarist with a penchant for playing everything from swing to new music and Bach to Boccherini.


Tickets sold online only. No returns or transfers.

Doors at 7pm

ATTARS by Carol Sill

“I’m happy to celebrate and support the release of Attars, and to acknowledge the brilliant writing of Carol Sill, the editor of my book, In Love With The Mystery.” – Ann Mortifee

ABOUT THE BOOK: Carol Sill’s new book is the story of an essence gatherer living in solitude in a driftwood cabin in the dunes. She enters the magic transformation of mythopoetic experience, and is shown the way to compile a personal Book of Secrets.
But when imagination and intuition meet in the dunes, things aren’t always as they seem. Drifting sands cover and uncover events, treasures, and memories. She is challenged by her history and grasps for balance in the “live and let live” world of the California Dunites.
Metaphysics, alchemy, poetics and mysticism all play together in her private imaginaire, as life opens to a far wider horizon. With support from her friend Cath, and inspiration from Ella and Gwyneth, the essence gatherer soon finds a personal path that is for her alone.


Author, Carol Sill

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Carol Sill is a writer, editor, and publisher living in Vancouver, BC, with the abstract artist James K-M and their beagle, B. She is a grandmother of two, and has been engaged in the practical application of ancient spiritual wisdom for over four decades.

218 pages
Publisher: Alpha Glyph Publications (August 10, 2017)
ISBN-13: 978-0978348595
Book Size: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches
Retail Price: $15 (US)

Book website: www.attars.shamcher.com

The Mysteries – New Musical Showcase


“The Demeter and Persephone myth had such a profound impact on ancient society that the effects are still being felt. That’s why the show is more than a retelling of an ancient story. To me, it’s a warning from the past that if we don’t bring the masculine and feminine perspectives into harmony, the environmental catastrophe into which the world is falling will not be healed.”  Ann Mortifee

An Ancient Myth for Modern Times

Created by Ann Mortifee, in collaboration with Edward Henderson and David Feinstein

The Mysteries re-visions the ancient Greek myth of the goddess Demeter, and her beautiful daughter, Persephone, who was abducted to the underworld. The original myth held a sacred role in Greek society for over 2,000 years. Its themes of aggression, devastation of the earth, and duplicity had a profound impact on western culture that remarkably, is still being felt today.

“Ann Mortifee’s The Mysteries is worthy of the gods. Its brilliant cadences of words and song, its cornucopia of fruit streaming from the mind and soul of Ann Mortifee’s genius, and its sheer gifts of originality and surprise grant us wildly creative breakthroughs into what musical theater can be.  It is a revelation, an epiphany, and a grand good time.” – Jean Houston, Ph.D

Stanley Industrial Alliance Theatre

A Showcase of Music from THE MYSTERIES is taking place at the historic Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage theatre in Vancouver, 7 pm, June 12, 2017.


The event is made possible by Touchstone Theatre’s event In Tune 2017, which develops and showcases new Canadian musicals, and the Arts Club Theatre Company.


CHORUS (as temple initiates, shades, background singers, Greek chorus, phantoms, Baptist choir and cabaret singers)  NOTE: Special thanks are extended to Siri Olesen and musica intima vocal ensemble for their support.

Link HERE for cast and musician bios.

Special Thanks

The event is made possible by Touchstone Theatre’s event In Tune 2017, which develops and showcases new Canadian musicals, and the Arts Club Theatre Company.

For Arts Club Theatre CompanyArtistic Director Bill Millerd, Literary Assistant Veronique West, Dramaturge Rachel Ditor, and Artist Liaison Stephanie Hargreaves.

Thanks also to Dramaturge Peter Hay.

The Artemis Journal by Diane Feught

ANN MORTIFEE AND NANCY MORTIFEE most warmly invite you to the launch of Diane Feught’s new book


Please join us Monday, March 27, 2017, 7:30pm

“BRAVO! … your book is breathtaking. It is raw and sublime, rich in pain and beauty, tenderness and wisdom. You have created a magnificent testament, from the smallest human need to the most transcendent rapture … you are
a consummate artist and I am thrilled with what you have created.” ANN MORTIFEE

A skillful blend of artwork, autobiography and archetypal myth, set as a jewel within the Buddhist tradition, Diane’s book resonates with every woman’s journey.

Diane is the award-winning designer of Ann Mortifee’s Canadian best-seller, IN LOVE WITH THE MYSTERY

Some sample pages from this extraordinary full-colour book:

Available on Amazon.ca and at Banyen Books in Vancouver

Eskova Website Launches!

For many years the business aspects of Ann Mortifee’s prolific recordings, books, workshops and appearances have been directed through Eskova Enterprises, but there hasn’t been a company web presence until now.

As Ann Mortifee’s work expands this year, we are pleased to announce the  launch of this company website.

Those of us on the  Eskova team are not only dedicated to introducing Ann’s work to a wider audience, but also work to re-awaken the feminine, and to serve the powers of self-expression in us all.

Please feel free to direct any requests and queries to us here at Eskova, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.