Ann Mortifee’s Newest Musical – THE MYSTERIES

Eskova Enterprises is pleased to present a website developed for the newest musical by Ann Mortifee, THE MYSTERIES.

The site includes detailed descriptions of the project to date, including development history as well as photos and bios of the creators, Ann Mortifee, David Feinstein and Edward Henderson.

David Feinstein, Ann Mortifee, and Ed Henderson

For those with a professional interest in the musical, a sign-in section section includes the following downloadable materials:

  • Book (Script & Lyrics)
  • Recordings of 20 Songs
  • Selected Musical Scores

The stunning Image design is by Diane Feught. The website features beautiful strong photos of the show’s creators by Kris Krüg. Site was designed by Carol Sill and Barbara Constantine for Eskova Enterprises.

Learn More at

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