The Artemis Journal by Diane Feught

ANN MORTIFEE AND NANCY MORTIFEE most warmly invite you to the launch of Diane Feught’s new book


Please join us Monday, March 27, 2017, 7:30pm

“BRAVO! … your book is breathtaking. It is raw and sublime, rich in pain and beauty, tenderness and wisdom. You have created a magnificent testament, from the smallest human need to the most transcendent rapture … you are
a consummate artist and I am thrilled with what you have created.” ANN MORTIFEE

A skillful blend of artwork, autobiography and archetypal myth, set as a jewel within the Buddhist tradition, Diane’s book resonates with every woman’s journey.

Diane is the award-winning designer of Ann Mortifee’s Canadian best-seller, IN LOVE WITH THE MYSTERY

Some sample pages from this extraordinary full-colour book:

Available on and at Banyen Books in Vancouver

Eskova Website Launches!

For many years the business aspects of Ann Mortifee’s prolific recordings, books, workshops and appearances have been directed through Eskova Enterprises, but there hasn’t been a company web presence until now.

As Ann Mortifee’s work expands this year, we are pleased to announce the  launch of this company website.

Those of us on the  Eskova team are not only dedicated to introducing Ann’s work to a wider audience, but also work to re-awaken the feminine, and to serve the powers of self-expression in us all.

Please feel free to direct any requests and queries to us here at Eskova, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.